How It Works

Our process allows you to privately procure inventory from industry leaders with unmatched price transparency.

Here's how.

Submit Your Request

The process is simple but specific to ensure sellers price inventory appropriately and minimize the back-and-forth time. We ask for things like category, grade, OD, dall, weight per foot, end finish, etc. to make sure there are no assumptions.

You can add as many products to one request as you like. Then we finalize the RFQ with details about the timing, general location, and requirements.

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It takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form.
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Seller Notification

PipeSearch sends emails to sellers that likely have what you need, notifying them of the new request. Your information isn't shared, only the the details of the request.

Sellers are directed to a page that has the full specifications of your product list and have an opportunity to bid.

Review Bids

You are notified every time a bid comes through, and you receive details about the payment terms, pricing, and general location for each bid.

From here you can choose to release your contact information to one or multiple suppliers, at which time you can negotiate price, coordinate logistics, and pass documentation like Mill Test Reports.

Coming Soon! PipeSearch will also provide you with real time freight bids and help coordinate logistics.

Close Deal

PipeSearch makes it easy to reach qualified sellers to meet your demand for pipe. You can create invoices and purchase orders through the platform, or handle that offline through your normal workflow.

Our team is here to help and will act as a concierge through the process of submitting requests, receiving bids, qualifying the lead and closing the deal. Your success is our success.