A Lead Platform Built For Pipe

Get targeted leads and requests for products you supply.

We know inventory is sensitive, so we've built a solution to provide you with targeted leads without needing your stock.
Subscribe to the type of pipe and the OD range you're interested in, and only receive matching requests.
Receive detailed lead information including product specifications, quantity, and location before paying a penny.
Find new business and start at the bottom of the funnel. Close more deals by building your reputation with reviews. Coming Soon!

Targeted Leads?

PipeSearch notifies you when there is a new lead matching your product specifications. These are not leads for businesses in your target market, but leads for businesses looking for specific products and are ready to buy.

PipeSearch enables you to submit pricing anonymously when you receive a new lead. The buyer gets the price range, distance, country of origin, age, etc. and for a small fee they can reveal your specific bid details. When they do, PipeSearch reveals their contact information and you can go close the deal!.
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How It Works

Demand Delivered

Receive anonymous RFQs via email with specs & product information included.

Anonymously Bid

Optionally submit pricing and agree to lead cost. You're not charged until the lead is qualified.

Lead Qualification

Buyer reviews anonymous bid information. They can access price range general details.

If your bid is $50K, the buyer may only know your price is between $35K-65K.

Lead Release

The buyer can qualify the lead for a small fee, further confirming interest [why?].

Your lead fee is then charged and PipeSearch releases the buyer information directly to you so you can go close the deal.

Worried about bidding on one of your competitors inquiries? We don't want this either, which is why we created Competitor Protection.

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List Your Services

PipeSearch was built with the seller in mind. In addition to delivering quality leads and a way for you to get pricing for material you need, PipeSearch offers a way for you to list your services, increase your online footprint, and get direct RFQs through your public page.

Tell potential clients about your business by publishing types of material you sell, services you offer, and specialties of your business. Show what makes your business stand out and list your services on PipeSearch.