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PipeSearch, at its core, offers services to facilitators to better meet customers needs in sourcing and moving pipe. With supply tools for aggregation, a digital workflow to track the deal from A-Z, and PipeFacts for certification level inspections and asset assessment, we enable success both for facilitators and their customers.


PipeFactsTM is a comprehensive inspection and certification process to ensure quality and reliability.


Technical Evaluation

Quality and technical experts review the as-produced specification of the material MTRs against industry standards API 5CRA or API 5CT.


Field Assessment

QA/QC inspection representatives perform a visual screening of the material following a time tested standardized process. During the field assessment, we evaluate the traceability of material, general condition of the threads, and if any remediation or maintenance of the material is required.


Final Inspection

Licensed inspectors perform certified inspection scopes prior to material shipment.


Certified Report

A certified PipeFacts report is generated which encompasses material description and specifications, MTRs, inspections, technical certifications, and ownership information.

Mill Manufactured

Newly manufactured tube to customer order requirements. Full traceability to certifications via stencils... Read more

Approved to API Requirements

Fully complies with the requirements of API 5CRA or API 5CT revision in effect at time of manufacture... Read more

Approved to API Spec with Exceptions

Meets requirements of API 5CRA or API 5CT revision in effect at time of manufacture, with exceptions... Read more

CRA Approved

Full traceability to mill certifications via stencils. Mill certifications provided for customer... Read more

CRA Approved with Exceptions

Exceptions to CRA Approved but only has either Microstructure or Toughness reported, not both. Read more

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