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A Digital Trading Platform Built Around Thousands of Successful Transactions

Sourcing, procuring, and delivering quality tubulars still happens largely on paper. PipeSearch merges traditional industry know-how and 21st-century digital technology. We understand that it takes experience, resources, and a team working together to provide a reliable product and fast delivery. Using technology, we are replicating the same proven approach but now using data, process optimization, and analysis to provide more transparency, efficiency, agility, and increased reliability.

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Our Technology

The PipeSearch platform enables immediate assessments, calculates availability options, and helps determine the likelihood of executing in a given time frame. While most platforms focus on securing supply, PipeSearch focuses on solving the demand. We believe it is critical for customers to have options to secure what they want in the time-frame needed for their operations.

Cradle To Grave

Our process-driven infrastructure keeps PipeSearch customers updated from inquiry to order completion, and every step along the way.


The PipeSearch database identifies supply options by accessing up-to-date mill schedules, lead times, and global market inventory.


One Platform For Your Tubular Needs

PipeSearch digitally manages the workflow from initial inquiry to order completion. You make better-informed decisions faster and get your needs met in the most reliable way.

Quick, Reliable Product Options
PipeFacts Quality Assessment
Procurement Automation through Order Completion

The platform is built in the likeness of a proven offline process made to enforce product reliability, ensure customer success, and drive long term value for our customers. PipeSearch brings it online, modernizing this process by strategically merging traditional industry know-how and 21st-century digital technology.

Service Driven Solutions

Software alone doesn’t complete inspections, thread, and service pipe, or move it from A to B. PipeSearch facilitator, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, integrates decades of experience and resources to manage the boots-on-the-ground tasks to ensure customer success.

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PipeSearch Facilitators are Trusted Industry Experts

Our facilitator, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, offers a combination of technical expertise, infrastructure, and decades of international industry experience in 80+ countries as well as maintaining industry leading certifications ISO 9001:2015 and API 5CRA monogram.

Facilitator Values
Faster, more efficient product fulfillment.
Dedicated to long term customer success.
Data drives PipeFacts QA/QC assessments.
Offer innovative solutions to get the job done.

Connect With Experts

Our facilitator partner, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, offers engineering and technical support that will help you make validated decisions based on your needs.

Supply Source

Our facilitators operate with supply knowledge and experience that includes:

API 5CRA Licensed Mill
Over 20 Years Of Successful Operations
Managed Inventory On Behalf Of Others
Global Mill Relationships
Global Network Of Material Supply Options


PipeSearch is currently in BETA. Sign up and receive an invitation at launch.

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