Why PipeSearch

Our platform combines proven tools to identify and drive business and promote long term customer success.

  • Supply collection and aggregation

  • Matching engine to connect supply options to demand

  • Digital Management of deal lifecycle

  • PipeFacts asset reports and documentation

One Platform From Request To Delivery

Submit RequestStart with material specificationsor technical requirements, finishwith all details related to theproject to make sure we align theinquiry with all options.AssessmentWe reference the request and jobwith multiple stock sources,supply locations, and millschedules to determine the bestoptions.ProposalPipeSearch offers a customized,fully documented quote, withmultiple term, material, andscheduling options.TermsWe engage in activecommunication to make sure thecustomer needs are met, T&Csare in compliance, and theproject goals are met.Material SelectionSelect and pull joints for theorder to prepare for qualityreview.Quality ApprovalWe provide multiple formats ofapprovals to spec so the order iscompliant with all technicalrequirements.Purchase OrderYour PO will kick off themanagement process to create awork plan and internal schedule.OM RouterA custom router is created tohandle any further inspections,threading, heat treatments,cutting, or any other work tomove the order forward.OM ProcessingThe router is executed item byitem, providing status updatesthroughout.OM ReleaseThe order is signed, sealed, andready for delivery.Material ReadinessLoaded trucks move the itemsto their new home.
Submit Request
Start with material specifications or technical requirements, finish with all details related to the project to make sure we align the inquiry with all options.
We reference the request and job with multiple stock sources, supply locations, and mill schedules to determine the best options.
PipeSearch offers a customized, fully documented quote, with multiple term, material, and scheduling options.

Our Value

To deliver a reliable product, one needs an understanding of elements of supply, demand, and how to connect the dots. PipeSearch is here to modernize this process and deliver actionable analytics, reliable product solutions, and a streamlined start-to-finish customer experience.

Faster, More Reliable, Quality CRA Tubulars


PipeSearch is currently in BETA. Sign up and receive an invitation at launch.

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