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Digitalization in the Evolving Market

The Digital Transformation in Today' Oil & Gas Environment

The current global health crisis is highlighting a transformation that has been taking place in the oil and gas industry over the last couple of years. The digital transformation. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are driving companies to turn to digital platforms, tools, and technologies as a way to stay operational and efficient. For many, long-term sustainability can be predicted by how successfully companies adapt to this increased reliance on technology in this cost-sensitive environment.
The economic impact on all sectors of the oil and gas industry brings a renewed focus on improving efficiencies, reducing costs, maximizing production, and increasing return as much as possible. While reducing costs has always been important, the drive to increase revenue is at the forefront of priorities. With many projects being paused or canceled, those that are moving forward must generate enough value to justify the investment. Many companies recognize this pressure and are taking steps to eliminate failure and extend production through data-driven digitalization in processes for optimum efficiencies at all times.
PipeSearch aims to add another key tool for businesses by connecting critical projects with the materials that are vital to their operations. With data-driven analytics and access to a global market inventory, PipeSearch is helping operators respond to changing requirements and project timelines by ensuring high-quality cra tubular products are available when needed. Having this reliable material resource available online also enables purchases to be made closer to the need date, and reduces the costs and risks of project delays.
A couple of the items available on PipeSearch for quick release project requirements are below.

4.5" 15.1# 13CRS-110 Vam Top R3

This material is perfectly suitable for a screen application averaging over 40' lengths. Threads have been recently inspecte... Read More

Quantity: 11817.140 FT

Condition: Unused

Mill Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Sumitomo

Location: Houston, TX, USA

5" 21.40# 13CRS-110 TSH Blue Dopeless SC/ Blue R3

This listing is a combination of TSH Blue Dopeless SC (17,372.81') and TSH Blue (2,698.00') Suitable for a tubing, liner, or... Read More

Quantity: 20070.810 FT

Condition: Unused

Mill Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Tenaris

Location: Houston, TX, USA

7" 32# 25CRW-125 Vam Top HC R2

This material is well suited for an offshore water injection project. Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number: PREN > 40. PREN... Read More

Quantity: 36750.000 FT

Condition: Unused

Mill Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Sumitomo

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The PipeSearch Platform consolidates update-to-date mill schedules, lead times, and global market inventory into the largest database of corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars in the world.

PipeFacts by PipeSearch is a multi-stage process that utilizes proprietary software to manage a sequence of QA/QC steps in the evaluation of OCTG. It is designed to bring transparency, integrity, and consistency to the evaluation of tubulars no matter the location of the pipe.
PipeFacts goes beyond standard physical inspections of material. It evaluates the specification of the original MTRs against API 5CRA or 5CT, identifies any exceptions, and sets a standard by which MTRs are reviewed and by which inspections are performed. Our PipeFacts process has been developed to give customers complete confidence in the product they are receiving.

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