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Offshore Waterfloods

And the importance of PREN

Waterflood injection wells for pressure maintenance are a critical component of optimizing recovery factors of oil reservoirs. In deepwater environments, it becomes more critical to design the wells and facilities to minimize failures caused by corrosion because the loss of an injection well due to failure directly impacts production rate and LOE.
With respect to tubular design, PREN stands for Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number. It provides a relative comparison of the resistance of alloys to localized corrosion based upon their chemical composition. Various empirical formulas have been developed for the calculation of the PREN. NACE MR0175 requires the use of the following equation:
PREN = CR% + 3.3 x (Mo% + 0.5 + W%) + 16 x N%
It is recommended that materials have a PREN > 40 for seawater injection applications. This provides an added level of security to the challenges that come with the presence of oxygen contamination. Super 25Cr is one of the most commonly used alloys for waterflood injection due to the PREN of 40+.
Current global challenges impacting market stability have an impact on mill lead times for Super 25Cr. PipeSearch has the following typical long lead delivery items available in short notice:

7" 29# 25CRS-80 Vam 21 R3

This material is perfectly suited for an offshore water injector. PREN > 40. PREN stands for Pitting Resistance Equivalent ... Read More

Quantity: 9600.000 FT

Condition: Unused

Mill Year: 2015

Manufacturer: SMST

Location: Coevorden, Netherlands

7" 32# 25CRW-125 Vam Top HC R2

This material is well suited for an offshore water injection project. Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number: PREN > 40. PREN... Read More

Quantity: 36750.000 FT

Condition: Unused

Mill Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Sumitomo

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The PipeSearch Platform consolidates update-to-date mill schedules, lead times, and global market inventory into the largest database of corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars in the world.

PipeFacts by PipeSearch is a multi-stage process that utilizes proprietary software to manage a sequence of QA/QC steps in the evaluation of OCTG. It is designed to bring transparency, integrity, and consistency to the evaluation of tubulars no matter the location of the pipe.
PipeFacts goes beyond standard physical inspections of material. It evaluates the specification of the original MTRs against API 5CRA or 5CT, identifies any exceptions, and sets a standard by which MTRs are reviewed and by which inspections are performed. Our PipeFacts process has been developed to give customers complete confidence in the product they are receiving.

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