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Why PipeSearch?

From small operations to multinational organizations, thousands of end users have idle tubular assets on their books and unmet tubular needs. PipeSearch connects unused stock to active demand.
For buyers, PipeSearch is your global supply resource. Our platform has the most comprehensive database of quality-verified OCTG inventory in the world. Whether you are looking to accelerate operations, meet contingency needs, or find a really good deal, we have solutions for you.
For sellers, PipeSearch helps you achieve the best possible return for your assets. We sell directly into live oil and gas operations, which allows sellers to achieve high recovery values than other avenues. Our commitment to quality and reliability is why we're able to consistently add value.
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Need A Specific Item?

The PipeSearch Platform consolidates update-to-date mill schedules, lead times, and global market inventory into the largest database of corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars in the world.

PipeFacts by PipeSearch is a multi-stage process that utilizes proprietary software to manage a sequence of QA/QC steps in the evaluation of OCTG. It is designed to bring transparency, integrity, and consistency to the evaluation of tubulars no matter the location of the pipe.
PipeFacts goes beyond standard physical inspections of material. It evaluates the specification of the original MTRs against API 5CRA or 5CT, identifies any exceptions, and sets a standard by which MTRs are reviewed and by which inspections are performed. Our PipeFacts process has been developed to give customers complete confidence in the product they are receiving.

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